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Teasy Female And Art District Exhibit

Are you seeking a vintage as well as modern female fashion apparel brand? If so, there is just one brand you should contribute your time in browsing through. Teasy is the best funky new female knit wear clothing brand because the creations are influenced from the Miami style. This specific brand formed in 2010, from Miami and each one of the apparel items have been made from great quality material. The apparel brand creators are young and hip clothing designers whom desire to spread their vision with the women.

At the time of the Art Basel event in Florida, Teasy will have an show segment for their fashion brand that will be open for the public on December 8th  and December 9th. There is going to be a private party on December 7th during seven-eleven pm at Miami Center Plastic Surgery that will be held by Teasy. Be sure to attend the exhibit to browse through and purchase a few of the fixed amount of articles of clothing in the actual 2013 line up. For much more information on this lady’s fashion brand and the Art Basel show go peep Teasy.Com.